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Autechre is a band of two British blokes from Manchester. Not Sheffield, no. They've been making wonderous experimental electronic futuristic music for over ten years, and always had good response from press and public alike - they're their genre's superstars. Autechre consists of Rob Brown and Sean Booth, and they are probably in their studio/s working on something wicked right now.

This community is geared towards all Autechre fans, old and new, those who only like the old ae or only like the new ae, or even people who just like to ponder about sound sculptures and complex/beautiful music or want to read what people think of them.

So basically, if you like, love and/or can't live without autechre, this is the place you can talk about them and everything related to them.

It is preferred that you write a short introductary post when you sign up, just so that we can all get to know each other better. You can let it wait til later or out-right cancel it if you like, though.
Alternatively, you can send the moderator, genkobar, an email with bits about you at "cucular at isl dot is".


1991epCavity job
1994"single"Anti EP
1995albumTri Repetae
1995"single"Anvil Vapre
1996"single"We R Are Why / Are Y Are We?
1997albumChiastic Slide
1999"single"Peel Session
2000"single"Peel Session 2
2002"single"Gantz Graf
2003albumDraft 7.30

Warp Records - autechre's current main Europe record company
Nothing Records - autechre's current main United States record company
Skam Records - which autechre are part of.

The Autechre Channel / autechre.nu - Excellent news/archive fan site
Autechre - unofficial fan site - A US-based fansite.


The Electronic Music Site presents...
- a fine cover of the duo with aural samples and a multitude of links
xltronic.com - An interesting remix contest that has closed, autechre will listen to the remixes and pick their favourites. Might be interesting to see the results.
Autechre FAQ - an interesting FAQ, text file
All Music Guide on Autechre - a well researched information page.
The Ambient Path - a limited discography with good scans of album artwork and track listing

ON: Autechre in Conversation - Autechre's Sean Booth and Rob Brown in conversation with Pete Lawrence
techno-logical - From Sound On Sound, 1998
Rob Brown (Autechre) Interview - Overload, April 2003 Interview by Ratboy Pimp
autechre pisd interview - printed in issue 7 of Pop is Dead zanzine, dated feb 1999
Vibe interview - Japanese magazine, in japanese of course

Lingua Autechrea - the words of autechre, an ae-dictionary research project by one cool guytm samurai mathematician pyrop

How does one pronounce "autechre"?
Any way you want.
I myself have heard it pronounced awe-tek-reh, awe-tesh-ray, ah-teh-shray, ah-tek-ray, ah-tek-er,
ah-te-ker, ah-tetsh-er. It only matters how you like to say it.
They themselves pronounce it awe-tek-er.