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More Quaristice news & info...

If you haven't heard already, Quaristice is available for download on Bleep. There's an MP3 and FLAC version. Bleep claims that the MP3 version comes with artwork but someone told me it could hardly be called that. Best to shell out the extra $3 for the lossless.

There's a new interview on Barcode Zine - http://www.barcodezine.com/Autechre%20Interview.htm

Also wanted to brag that I've got my tickets for the Seattle show :D

No whining about US tour dates! They seem to be sub-google but here's where I found out about the tour: http://www.em411.com/forum/5534/2//autechre_US_tour_dates.html
Just find the city closest to you and then google it that + "autechre" + the date & venue, that's how I got mine anyway.

The UK tour is kicking off about 5 weeks earlier than the US tour. I think those dates are posted on their site, those should be easiest to find.

They'll probably be hitting Japan too, because they said they had a great experience there last time, though I have no idea how to find those tickets. If someone figures that out, they should post a comment about it here.
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So far I like IO a lot. And I'm eyeballing the Chicago show...I wonder how fast I should decide. I can't remember if they sold out the Metro in '05.
That's how I felt so I bought em right after I got paid a couple weeks ago just to be safe.

I'm pretty sure they didn't sell out Seattle in '05 but there were definitely more people than I expected & it was an awesome show.
They should come to Sapporo.

BTW everybody here who's seen that pic says we look alike. Real shock, huh ;P
Hehe people always say that.
Tomo says they're coming to Tokyo.